Over the last four years, I have been increasingly involved in educating myself about GLBT rights, the GLBT history, Leather history, and more.  Some of the things I read make me want to promptly take my ass to law school so I can be a lawyer for the Human Rights Campaign and anyone else who needs to have their voices heard with regards to this topic.  I am very intensely passionate about my gay, lesbian, bi and trans friends having the same rights as everyone else.  Just because they choose to live differently than others is no excuse to treat them as if they don’t matter and shouldn’t have a say in what happens in their own lives.  I recently found this site:


They have a lot of interesting articles, different takes on things and make an attempt to educate people about what’s really going on in the world and helps to open the eyes of those who don’t realize that, yes, indeed, there are people that are being treated worse than dogs, having their families and possessions taken from them unfairly all because there are some out there who don’t like or don’t agree with how they live.  But, this particular site does it with a fairly good sense of humor about things.  Take a look if you are at all interested in getting better educated about the GLBT communities and their causes.