I am excited to talk about the casting of Anne Boleyn because she is my favorite of Henry’s wives.  Many people think she was a horrible person who deserved to die, a harlot, a heretic…..but I really don’t pay attention to any of that.  There were other things that made up Anne Boleyn and I chose women that I thought would represent what she was historically known to look like.  Paintings and reports on Anne Boleyn describe her as an unusual creature, with olive toned skin and eyes so dark they were nearly black, and long dark hair.  Women with fair hair and skin in Tudor times were considered far more beautiful than “The Brunette” as Thomas Wyatt referred to her in one of his poems.

Here is an actual pic/portrait of Anne Boleyn:

Here are the actresses I picked to portray Anne Boleyn.

My first choice is Natalie Dormer.  Natalie played Anne Boleyn on Showtime’s “The Tudors” and it is my opinion that no one has ever done Anne Boleyn justice the way that she has.  She perfectly portrayed all the elements that made up who Anne was, and rose to the challenge of going from a young confident girl, to a woman in love, to a woman in fear for her very life.  That is a wide spectrum of emotions to go through in just two seasons!  But, she succeeded beautifully!!!!  The only thing I would complain about if anything is that Natalie’s eyes are blue and not the sparkling almost black that Anne’s eyes actually were.  All in all, for me, when it comes to the role of Anne Boleyn, there will never be anyone who “does it” for me like Natalie Dormer does.  As my best friend says, “She NAILS that role!”

I am posting more pics, cause I just LOVE her!

My second choice is Eliza Dushku….. I think her eyes could pull off the Anne Boleyn look and she has that sultry, but subtle draw to her.

My last choice is Rachel Bilson, although I am not completely sure about her.  She may be a bit too wholesome looking, but I thought I would post one of her anyways….

As usual, both history and movies always need a “villain”, and that person for King Henry’s subjects was Anne Boleyn.  Henry was so taken with Anne, he even wrote her love letters (Henry hated writing letters and seldom did to anyone else), one of which is still in existence today.    She was an intriguing character and I look forward to writing much more about her.

Anne’s choice of badge as queen was the crowned falcon with Tudor roses and her motto was “The Most Happy”.  Although her reign as queen did not last long, the effects of her time on the throne changed religion in England forever.  Her daughter, Elizabeth I, went on to become queen and to have one of the most successful reigns in British history.