The casting of Jane Seymour was both easy and difficult.  Easy, because of the amount of young blonde actresses out there, which in turn made it difficult to choose which ones I liked best!

Jane Seymour was Henry VIII’s third wife.  There is some debate as to how Jane felt about being Anne Boleyn’s replacement.  After all, she married the King of England the day after he had the former queen and her predecessor beheaded.  Was she a scared, young girl trapped by her family’s ambitions or did she play an active  role in replacing Anne?  There is one thing I do believe to be very true.  Jane went out of her way to be the exact opposite of Anne Boleyn.  I think it was a smart act of self preservation on her part to be so submissive to Henry.   Jane was said to be very beautiful, with light coloring…..blonde hair, light colored skin and blue eyes.

Here is an actual pic/painting of Jane Seymour:

Here are the actresses I picked to portray Jane Seymour.

My first choice is Annabelle Wallis.  I actually surprised myself by choosing her, because when I first saw her in the promo photos, I was not happy.  Once I saw her in “The Tudors”, however, I realized she was very right for the role.   She plays a more gentle, yet strong Jane, who is caught between keeping her head and staying true to her beliefs.

My second choice is Kate Bosworth….I think she could do the role justice and portray a more innocent version of Jane.

My third choice is Reese Witherspoon.  I think she could take Jane in a different direction, more of a strong side to Jane.

My last choice is Sienna Miller.  I think she would do a good job of portraying both the submissive and the strong sides of Jane.

Henry VIII considered Jane his “true and most beloved wife” even after he married other women.  In Tudor paintings, he had her painted next to him, instead of the current queen.  She was the only queen anyone ever saw King Henry mourn.   She was never officially crowned queen.

Jane’s choice of badge was a phoenix rising from a castle with Tudor roses.  Her motto was “Bound to obey and serve”.  She was the only Tudor queen to give Henry VIII a legitimate male heir that lived past infancy.  Her son, Edward VI went on to become King after Henry’s death in 1547 with her brother, Edward Seymour acting as Lord Protector.