Being a fan of Marilyn Monroe since I was about 10 years old, I have to weigh in on the new movies portraying her.  My very honest first instincts?  Uneasy… skeptical…cynical… and defensive.  Marilyn has been portrayed several times in movies now, and I feel that most of them only barely touch on who she really was.  People only want to see the tragedies and the drama and believe the rumors and legends about her, they don’t want to know who the person inside actually was.  And, it’s sad.  Because she was very beautiful.  More so inside than out, and it’s extremely clear she was stunning on the outside.

The movie Naomi Watts is to star in is based on the book, “Blonde,” by Joyce Carol Oates, which happens to be ficitional.  While I understand it’s pure fiction, it still angers me a little to read it.  I feel it does an injustice to Marilyn.  But, I guess, people have a right to fictionalize whatever they want, right?  Maybe I am a bit biased with this particular movie to start with, but I also have my reservations about Naomi Watts as Marilyn.  I really just don’t see it.  Here is a promo pic… you be the judge.

Compare with the real Marilyn:

While it is known that wonders can be done with makeup to make a person look similar to someone else, will Naomi have what it takes to actually portray one of the most photographed women to ever live?  It’s not just looking like her, it’s a whole lot more.  There was no one like Marilyn and for fans like me, it’s hard to watch if it’s not quite right.

Michelle Williams is to star in a movie as Marilyn as well.  “My Week With Marilyn,” documents the time Marilyn spent in England while filming “The Prince and the Showgirl” with Laurence Olivier in 1957.  I am more interested in seeing this movie than in seeing “Blonde.”  Most likely, the reason is because it’s a more fact based movie, rather than the stereo-typical washed up sex symbol movie most people insist on doing about Marilyn.  I am not sure what to think of Michelle Williams portraying Marilyn yet…. here is a pic of Michelle Williams, and one of Marilyn.  You be the judge…. which one do you think will make a better Marilyn?

Compare with the real Marilyn:

I somehow can’t help but feel that Michelle Williams may be able to give Marilyn more depth than Naomi Watts.  Oh, and did anyone sort of think it’s strange that two women who had serious relationships with the late Heath Ledger are now starring in the same role, only different movies?  Strange coincidence, or are the publicists using this to have a field day and create buzz?  Again.. something to ponder….