Happy birthday, Norma Jeane, aka Marilyn!

Marilyn Monroe is always going to be one of those people who will continually live on in the hearts of others.  I was not even close to being born when she passed away, but I feel a very deep connection to this woman just the same.  It’s just sad that she left this earth before she could do everything she wanted to do.

My love affair with Marilyn started when I was about 10 years old.  My grandmother used to tell me all about “old hollywood” and the “silver screen,” and what went on with the actresses and actors behind the screen.  It was kind of like an inside look from someone who lived in those times and kept up with everything.  One day, I saw a picture of Marilyn, and that’s all it took to want to know more.  Pretty soon, I was bugging my grandma for every tidbit she could come up with about the actress…. then it was devouring books and watching her movies.  I have a small, modest collection of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia….. pictures, plates, movies, purses…. all kinds of miscellaneous stuff too.

Marilyn was a very wise woman, and I think to this day, her intelligence is not widely known or fully appreciated.  I really believe she was killed and did NOT commit suicide.  I think putting that on her death certificate was a grave injustice to the once full of life star.

Marilyn will always be special to me, I will always want to know more,  I will always be enraptured with her.  She was a beautiful icon who will always shine, because she was beautiful on the inside too.