Fellow Tudors fans…. if you are like me and are half crazed waiting for the finale, I read an advance review of it today that included video and had me in tears.  You can find the review and videos here:


It’s a review from someone who is very much a Natalie Dormer fan, but she gives a very good overall review.  The finale is a bittersweet one for me, as part of me is very much wanting to see the last episode, and part of me is not wanting the series to end.  I know the history, I know how it ends, but Michael Hirst has brought the historical figures to life in a way I have never seen before, and that is the part that is hard to let go of.

My obsession with the history of the British Monarchy will go on… and play out in the posts on this blog, that is an absolute certainty.  But, it’s great to have directors such as Michael Hirst, who not only bring these people to vivid life before us, but also show us things we not might all get from our history classes in school.  I do not even try to pretend that it’s all historically accurate, it’s entertaiment after all, however, I do think he did an outstanding job with Henry VIII and the series itself.

****All pictures for this post were found on the site – Showtime’s Tudors Wiki (which has been SUPER helpful to me!)  http://tudorswiki.sho.com/photos .