A very overwhelming sadness overcame me today as I read this article:


This is one of my all time favorite iconic Marilyn dresses.   “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” is my all time favorite movie featuring Marilyn Monroe.  It’s one of the very first Marilyn movies I watched, and it’s a part of what made me fall in love with her.

So where does the sadness come from?  It comes from wondering if anyone will ever see the dress again.  The article does not say to whom the dress was sold, and so I am assuming it’s a private collector of sorts.  I just really, truly hope that it is an avid Marilyn fan who bought the dress, not just someone who is collecting things.

It is my ferverent wish that Marilyn’s things would not be sold off piece by piece like they have done.  I wish they would do something with her belongings such as put them on display for fans and donate the proceeds from it to her favorite charities or similar ones if her favorite charities are no longer in existence.  I think that would be a very wonderful way to preserve her memory without pulling it apart and capitalizing on it.

I know there are Marilyn fans across the globe who feel much the same way I do about this particular topic.  All her life, people were always trying to take what they wanted from her, and it seems that even in death they are doing the same.  To me, it’s a tragedy, but to some it may be just one of those trivial things.

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