Shady is back and better than ever!  Eminem’s new album, “Recovery,” was released about a week ago, and I have to confess, I am really happy to see the angst ridden rapper kicking ass and taking names once again in the music biz!

I will admit to you all that Rap is not one of my most favorite of music genres, however, there are some rappers I really enjoy listening to, and one of them has been Eminem since the day he came out with “The Slim Shady” LP.   While there are some out there that get heartily offended by his lyrics, especially those that have come under the line of fire in his songs, I personally love them.  I am a very lyric oriented type of listener and his writing is really something you can sink your teeth into.

His newly released single featuring Rhianna, “Love the Way You Lie,” is really moving and done in a style that is newer for the Detroit, Michigan rapper.  It instantly became a favorite for me.  If you haven’t heard it yet, I heartily encourage you to check it out!!!!!   The new album also contains songs featuring Pink, Lil Wayne, and more!

You can also check out his Facebook page for more information:!/eminem