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As I am sure many of the WordPress users out there already know, there are some tools out there to help combat writer’s block.  A new one that WordPress came up with is called, “Plinky.”  You can find the site here:


Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to check out the site.  I signed up, as it has a handy dandy way of connecting to your WordPress account and publishing your writing on both sites when your post is completed.  I like this….. it gives me a little more flexibility in my writing… it also helps me to come up with topics when I am stumped which most certainly happens to even the most seasoned writers.  I like having a little back up tool to use when I really, really have the urge to write, but nothing comes to me.

If you are looking for new, fun tool to use for your writing, I would definitely recommend checking this one out!