It has taken me a while to get to it, but here it is!!!  The casting of Catherine Parr was definitely not an easy one.  I was finding it very difficult to find anyone of note that I liked for the role who would in any way closely resemble her.

Catherine Parr was Henry VIII’s sixth and final wife.  She had been widowed twice before and she caught Henry’s eye after Catherine Howard’s execution.  She was a very caring step mother, and a wonderful and patient nurse to the King through all of his infirmities.  She was a very strong supporter of the Protestant Reform, which nearly resulted in her losing her head!

Fortunately for Catherine, she outlived Henry and went on to marry Thomas Seymour after his death.  She had a daughter, whom she named Mary, however, it has been very difficult to find record of what became of her after Catherine’s death shortly after childbirth.

Here is an actual pic/painting of Catherine Parr:

Here are the actresses I picked to portray Catherine Parr:

My first choice is Bernadette Peters.  In trying to keep with what Catherine is actually described as looking like, I found she really fit the bill, not to mention she is a fantastic actress!  She has that inner strength about her that would be a great asset if she were to play Catherine and is also wonderful at playing a motherly role as well.

My second choice is a little bit off from what Catherine was said to look like, but as I said, it has been hard to find a woman who has similar looks.  I chose Julianne Moore.  She is a really, really great actress, with a wonderful range and I think she would be an excellent choice.

My last choice is Nicole Kidman.  I think she has a natural beauty and a grace that would really be a compliment to Catherine.  She also has the sort of motherly quality I was looking for.

When King Henry noticed Catherine, she was still married to Lord Latimer.  He anxiously waited for the poor man to die and immediately offered for her hand, foiling her plans and intentions to marry the man she really loved, Thomas Seymour.  But, who could say no to the King if he wanted something?

Catherine’s motto was “To be useful in all I do,” and her badge was a maiden rising from a Tudor rose.   She was Queen Consort for 4 years, and when the King died, she became the Queen Dowager until she died in 1548 shortly after childbirth at 36 years old.

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