I read today that the last home that Marilyn Monroe lived in is up for sale.  Asking price is 3.6 million dollars.  Located in Brentwood, near Beverly Hills, CA, it’s a beautiful Spanish style home.  It has been kept relatively the same since Marilyn died and it would be so amazing to see it just once.

This was the only home that Marilyn ever owned and it was part of a fresh start for her, along with the widely publicized filming of the movie, “Something’s Got To Give,” with Dean Martin.  She passed away before she was able to complete filming on it and it was never finished.

The home itself is as beautiful and full of charm and character as Marilyn was.  I hope it is sold to someone who loves it and cares for it as much as she did.  🙂

***Image of Marilyn Monroe found via Google Image search.  Image of Marilyn’s home found here: