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Well, I am sure I am one of the last people alive to write something about the impending Royal Wedding.  I really think that this will be a great thing for the British Monarchy, and I wish the couple every happiness.

There are, of course reservations I have, of which I am certain I am not alone.  There is speculation as to whether Kate Middleton can bear up under the pressures of living as royalty, being in the constant spotlight, the harsh scrutiny, and now, more than ever, the comparisons with the late Princess Diana.  It is my hope that she can and does…. I am sure however she choses to tackle these obstacles or bumps in the road, she will come out gracefully.  It is my personal feeling that she is indeed a good match for the handsome Prince William, they are so clearly in love, and are of the same mind about a large variety of things.

It is my ferverent hope that living as a Princess does not adversely affect her.  She is such a beautiful and charming woman, by all accounts, and it would be a shame to see that bright light in her dimmed or extinguished in any way.

I found it very touching that the Prince proposed to Kate using the same engagement ring that previously belonged to Diana.  It was very meaningful and had this hopeless romantic a wee bit choked up.   🙂

I found the following pics of the newly engaged couple and thought I would include a  couple of Prince William’s parents’ wedding in 1981.  Enjoy!

The engagement ring!!!!!

A fairytale wedding…or so we all thought.  😦