Helloooooo!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but that is now OVER!!!!!  The Winter seriously tried to eat a hole through my brain as of late, but now that it’s officially Spring, I have hopped back into my writing mojo and will be posting much, much more often!

This Winter, I have noticed many things that seemed different to me than any other previous Winter.  It seems people have just gotten REALLY cranky, not to mention downright ANTSY waiting for all this snow to melt.  But, this year, it’s a double edged sword, especially since there will be a LOT of flooding of the rivers this year.  Living so close to Downtown Stillwater, I have seen the river rise almost overnight and it’s scary.  It makes me concerned for those who have property or a job down there.  Not even half the snow and ice on the river has melted and it’s already getting too close for comfort at the Water Street Inn.

I’m just really grateful to have survived this grueling Winter with most of my sanity intact!  It wasn’t easy, but keeping active has really helped with this last part of the frosty season.  So, my readers…. how did you survive this Winter?  What kept you moving forward instead of hiding in your nice warm beds?  If I get enough interesting answers, I may have to come up with a prize for the most unique.   🙂


Getting back on track, I will be posting biographies on Mondays and having Weeds Wednesdays coming back as well, so stay tuned!