The Tang Imperial Consort Yang Guifei. Picture taken by me at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts.


She is mystical to behold,

The colors, her strength.

It delights the viewer,

And sparks awe and curiosity.


Sh­­e hails from the Tang Dynasty,

Lines graceful and deliberate,

Her dress swirling about her slender figure

Like a shimmering, gossamer cloud.

A large red peony beckons,

Cannot go unnoticed as much as

She who wears it atop her large

Pompadour of lustrous, shadowy hair.

People of the court snicker and whisper,

As she walks with her love, head high.

Others cheer for her and smile,

Treasuring even the smallest glance from her.

A storm blows in; trouble is afoot,

Accusations of treason bring her down.

Once a goddess cherished by an Emperor,

Becomes a woman tragically executed.