After having it stored on my DVR for the entire Summer, I have finally been able to check out the new E! reality series, “Holly’s World,” starring Holly Madison!  Admittedly, Bridget Marquardt is my favorite of the three former “Girls Next Door”, but I have always had a lot in common with Holly, such as the love of animals, love of the old Hollywood glamour, belief in marriage equality (LOVED her and Bridget’s participation in the ad campaign for NOH8), the love of Disney and Star Wars.  🙂  After the girls left the mansion, I was sad.  I had come to really love the relationship between the three of them!  It just goes to show that in life you can have a really wonderful family of your own choosing.  They are a lot like sisters, and it’s fun to watch.

“Holly’s World” not only stars the beautiful Holly Madison, it also features the lives of her three friends, Angel, a 20 year old single mom who is Holly’s assistant, and if I am not mistaken……Holly had “discovered” Angel while she was working for Playboy……Josh Strickland, a talented singer and actor, and fellow cast member of “Peep Show”……and Laura Croft, July 2008 Playboy Playmate.

At first, I have to say, Josh and Angel were a bit too much to take.  Between her squeeky little voice and his dramatically tearful outbursts, I nearly ran away from the show screaming, lol!  But, I gave it some time.  I noticed that I was seeing a completely different Holly than I had seen in the “Girls Next Door” series.  I was curious and wanted to see more.  After Angel and Josh sort of mellowing out a little as the episodes roll on, you see how much love there is between friends.  You see this completed family that Holly has, how her new job as “Bo Peep” in “Peep Show” affects her, how she really is when her walls come down.  She is such a sweet, supportive wonderful friend, and you actually see her showing emotion, which is something new.  When she was living with Hef, she rarely showed emotion.  Laura Croft is witty and soft voiced, and seems to just keep them all real, lol!  Nothing seems to rattle her outwardly and I love the way she tells it like it is!

A very unexpected cast member is Angel’s little boy Roman.  He’s ADORABLE!!!!!  I didn’t know before watching the show that Angel was a single mom, and he is such a sweet boy!  Even sweeter, is the fact that Holly invited them to live with her.  I know how much Holly loves children and this is a really nice surprising element in the show.  Here, I thought it was going to be something wild and crazy, and in ways the show definitely is, however, it finds a way to hit you right in the heart.  Of course, it wouldn’t be Holly if she didn’t have a couple of dogs!  Her new pups are Napolean and Josephine (LOVE the names!!!!!), and they are soooo cute!!!!  It’s a really nice life she’s leading, she has grown so much since leaving Hef’s Mansion, and it’s great to see her evolving!  I am looking forward to seeing more of “Holly’s World”!