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Lindsay Lohan couldn’t pull it off, and I am REALLY wishing Paris Hilton would not have jumped on this bandwagon.  Imitation is not always a flattering thing.  When I saw the pics, I have to VERY grudgingly admit that Paris pulls it off somewhat better…..and, when reading the article, I also have to admit that Paris’ intentions are sweet.

However, I just can’t help but want to throw up in my mouth a little.   I know I am being uber opinionated, and maybe even too harsh, but I just can’t stand someone like Paris Hilton trying to imitate one of America’s most beloved and photographed icons.   For more information about the reason for Ms. Hilton’s Marilyn-like appearance, you can go to this site:  (It happens to be one of my most favorite sites for all things Marilyn  :))

As for this little publicity ploy by Lohan and Hilton?  Yuck, just yuck.  Oh, and PLEASE stop the madness!


I was horrified when I saw a post in one of my favorite Marilyn Fan Community blogs, “1962” found here:

Apparently, Lindsay Lohan is portraying Marilyn Monroe in some sort of comedy film……

The pictures to go with the post are even more horrifying…….

No…. just… NO!!!!  I realize she may be doing some sort of parody, but this is not the first time Lindsay Lohan has done some sort of Marilyn imitation.  She tried to recreate one of Marilyn’s last photo shoots not so long ago and that was scary enough.  Why does the girl insist on torturing us????

There are a lot of actresses, models, etc, who have done Marilyn imitations and have done a fabulous job.  I CANNOT say the same of Lindsay Lohan.  Give it up, girl.  This isn’t even a “quit while you’re ahead,” it’s a “please put us out of our misery” type of thing.

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I read today that the last home that Marilyn Monroe lived in is up for sale.  Asking price is 3.6 million dollars.  Located in Brentwood, near Beverly Hills, CA, it’s a beautiful Spanish style home.  It has been kept relatively the same since Marilyn died and it would be so amazing to see it just once.

This was the only home that Marilyn ever owned and it was part of a fresh start for her, along with the widely publicized filming of the movie, “Something’s Got To Give,” with Dean Martin.  She passed away before she was able to complete filming on it and it was never finished.

The home itself is as beautiful and full of charm and character as Marilyn was.  I hope it is sold to someone who loves it and cares for it as much as she did.  🙂

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I shook my head in sheer exasperation this morning when I read this article:

While I should have expected something like this, it still just disgusts me.  I know some people pride themselves on collecting the unusual souvenirs from celebrities of past and present, but…… REALLY?  The woman’s x-ray????

Julien’s Auctions sold other strange items from some of Marilyn Monroe’s last years.  Again… where are the proceeds going for all of these pieces from her estate?  And WHY do they feel the need to pick apart her past like vultures????

Greed is really an ugly thing, ladies and gentlemen.

End of rant.

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Tragedy or trivial????

A very overwhelming sadness overcame me today as I read this article:

This is one of my all time favorite iconic Marilyn dresses.   “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” is my all time favorite movie featuring Marilyn Monroe.  It’s one of the very first Marilyn movies I watched, and it’s a part of what made me fall in love with her.

So where does the sadness come from?  It comes from wondering if anyone will ever see the dress again.  The article does not say to whom the dress was sold, and so I am assuming it’s a private collector of sorts.  I just really, truly hope that it is an avid Marilyn fan who bought the dress, not just someone who is collecting things.

It is my ferverent wish that Marilyn’s things would not be sold off piece by piece like they have done.  I wish they would do something with her belongings such as put them on display for fans and donate the proceeds from it to her favorite charities or similar ones if her favorite charities are no longer in existence.  I think that would be a very wonderful way to preserve her memory without pulling it apart and capitalizing on it.

I know there are Marilyn fans across the globe who feel much the same way I do about this particular topic.  All her life, people were always trying to take what they wanted from her, and it seems that even in death they are doing the same.  To me, it’s a tragedy, but to some it may be just one of those trivial things.

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Happy birthday, Marilyn!!!

Happy birthday, Norma Jeane, aka Marilyn!

Marilyn Monroe is always going to be one of those people who will continually live on in the hearts of others.  I was not even close to being born when she passed away, but I feel a very deep connection to this woman just the same.  It’s just sad that she left this earth before she could do everything she wanted to do.

My love affair with Marilyn started when I was about 10 years old.  My grandmother used to tell me all about “old hollywood” and the “silver screen,” and what went on with the actresses and actors behind the screen.  It was kind of like an inside look from someone who lived in those times and kept up with everything.  One day, I saw a picture of Marilyn, and that’s all it took to want to know more.  Pretty soon, I was bugging my grandma for every tidbit she could come up with about the actress…. then it was devouring books and watching her movies.  I have a small, modest collection of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia….. pictures, plates, movies, purses…. all kinds of miscellaneous stuff too.

Marilyn was a very wise woman, and I think to this day, her intelligence is not widely known or fully appreciated.  I really believe she was killed and did NOT commit suicide.  I think putting that on her death certificate was a grave injustice to the once full of life star.

Marilyn will always be special to me, I will always want to know more,  I will always be enraptured with her.  She was a beautiful icon who will always shine, because she was beautiful on the inside too.

Being a fan of Marilyn Monroe since I was about 10 years old, I have to weigh in on the new movies portraying her.  My very honest first instincts?  Uneasy… skeptical…cynical… and defensive.  Marilyn has been portrayed several times in movies now, and I feel that most of them only barely touch on who she really was.  People only want to see the tragedies and the drama and believe the rumors and legends about her, they don’t want to know who the person inside actually was.  And, it’s sad.  Because she was very beautiful.  More so inside than out, and it’s extremely clear she was stunning on the outside.

The movie Naomi Watts is to star in is based on the book, “Blonde,” by Joyce Carol Oates, which happens to be ficitional.  While I understand it’s pure fiction, it still angers me a little to read it.  I feel it does an injustice to Marilyn.  But, I guess, people have a right to fictionalize whatever they want, right?  Maybe I am a bit biased with this particular movie to start with, but I also have my reservations about Naomi Watts as Marilyn.  I really just don’t see it.  Here is a promo pic… you be the judge.

Compare with the real Marilyn:

While it is known that wonders can be done with makeup to make a person look similar to someone else, will Naomi have what it takes to actually portray one of the most photographed women to ever live?  It’s not just looking like her, it’s a whole lot more.  There was no one like Marilyn and for fans like me, it’s hard to watch if it’s not quite right.

Michelle Williams is to star in a movie as Marilyn as well.  “My Week With Marilyn,” documents the time Marilyn spent in England while filming “The Prince and the Showgirl” with Laurence Olivier in 1957.  I am more interested in seeing this movie than in seeing “Blonde.”  Most likely, the reason is because it’s a more fact based movie, rather than the stereo-typical washed up sex symbol movie most people insist on doing about Marilyn.  I am not sure what to think of Michelle Williams portraying Marilyn yet…. here is a pic of Michelle Williams, and one of Marilyn.  You be the judge…. which one do you think will make a better Marilyn?

Compare with the real Marilyn:

I somehow can’t help but feel that Michelle Williams may be able to give Marilyn more depth than Naomi Watts.  Oh, and did anyone sort of think it’s strange that two women who had serious relationships with the late Heath Ledger are now starring in the same role, only different movies?  Strange coincidence, or are the publicists using this to have a field day and create buzz?  Again.. something to ponder….

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