For all you Doors fans out there, this one is NOT to be missed!  “When You’re Strange,” a documentary about The Doors is being broadcast tonight, on your local PBS station at 8pm CST.  It’s narrated by Johnny Depp, whom I also happen to be a huge fan of!  Could this get any better?  I am sure it’s been edited for TV and all that, but if you are one of thousands of fans out there who were bummed that this wasn’t playing in a theater ANYWHERE near you, this is total win!!!!

Here is what the director of the movie wrote:

“The story of The Doors is one of the most compelling in the history of American rock music; three hugely talented musicians and a lead singer whose commitment to artistic freedom was so intense he rocketed them to a success that always hovered on the edge of chaos. As an independent filmmaker this sensibility affected me greatly.”
– Tom DiCillo, director and writer, When You’re Strange

I think that says quite a bit, don’t you, ladies and gentlemen???

“The movie will begin in five moments
The mindless voice announced
All those unseated will await the next show.

We filed slowly, languidly into the hall
The auditorium was vast and silent
As we seated and were darkened, the voice continued.

The program for this evening is not new
You’ve seen this entertainment through and through
You’ve seen your birth your life and death
You might recall all of the rest
Did you have a good world when you died?
Enough to base a movie on?”

(Lyrics from The Movie by The Doors)

More lyrics:

Here is a link for more info:’reStrange