(Image from http://happynomnom.wordpress.com/)

For anyone who has had Gastric Bypass surgery and wants to learn how to enjoy foods you once loved again, I have found the blog for you!!!!  Happynomnom is a blog that was created by my wonderful friend, Emily,  that offers alternative recipes to every day foods and desserts!  She has worked very hard on some of the recipes, including her delicious Red Velvet Cupcakes!  I can tell you personally, she left some at my house last weekend and my husband and I were fighting over them, lol!  🙂

Emily experiments with the recipes, using alternatives to sugar and other things that are very difficult to digest for a person who has had Gastric Bypass.  She shares the best results with her readers along with super delectable pictures of her creations!  It’s a great way to eat healthier even if you did not have the surgery!  I have found myself really enjoying the things I have tried so far!  So, what are you waiting for?  Get your foodie selves out to the website and see for yourself!

Here is a direct link: http://happynomnom.wordpress.com/

Bon appetit!