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I was horrified when I saw a post in one of my favorite Marilyn Fan Community blogs, “1962” found here:

Apparently, Lindsay Lohan is portraying Marilyn Monroe in some sort of comedy film……

The pictures to go with the post are even more horrifying…….

No…. just… NO!!!!  I realize she may be doing some sort of parody, but this is not the first time Lindsay Lohan has done some sort of Marilyn imitation.  She tried to recreate one of Marilyn’s last photo shoots not so long ago and that was scary enough.  Why does the girl insist on torturing us????

There are a lot of actresses, models, etc, who have done Marilyn imitations and have done a fabulous job.  I CANNOT say the same of Lindsay Lohan.  Give it up, girl.  This isn’t even a “quit while you’re ahead,” it’s a “please put us out of our misery” type of thing.

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These are three songs that I feel are super overplayed on the radio, however, I love to hear them every single time and sing along as loudly as I can!!!!

Misty Mountain Hop by Led Zeppelin

One of my favorite Led Zeppelin tunes of all time. I just love the guitar riffs in it!

Wanted (Dead or Alive) by Bon Jovi

LOVE the boys!!!!!

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Happy birthday, Jonny!

***Photo courtesy of Energie ( a men’s clothing line)

Happy 33rd birthday, to one of my most favorite actors!!!!!!  I hope he is having a wonderfully fabulous day where ever he may be!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a VERY talented actor, and that is an understatement!  Not only did he absolutely nail his performance as Henry VIII for the four season run of Showtime’s “The Tudors,” but he has a very wide range of other roles he has played.  From his uncanny, Golden Globe winning performance as Elvis, to a grasping, ex-pro tennis player who cheats on his wife and then kills his lover in “Match Point,” to another “historical” performance in Oliver Stone’s “Alexander,” to his role as a struggling musician who finds out he is a father in “August Rush,”  to a role as a soccer coach on “Bend it Like Beckham,” he has a talent for adapting to any part in a movie and making it solely his own.

He recently has had some bad press, owing to his drunken behavior at JFK airport in NY, but I do hope he moves past all of it, because he has a lot of talent left that he has not even tapped into yet!  I think we will see many more wonderful things from JRM and I wish him all the best on his special day!

If you are interested in learning more about Jonathan Rhys Meyers, here are a few sites I heartily recommend:

In honor of his birthday, I found some random images on Google Image search that I thought I would share.  A couple of the images I also found on

An Intriguing Pair

While watching “True Caribbean Pirates” on the History Channel, I was immediately excited to find out that there had been two female pirates in the 1700’s!!!!  I am extremely fond of the quote by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, “Well behaved women seldom make history.”  Anne Bonny and Mary Read give a whole new meaning to that quote!

From a very young age, Anne Bonny had a tempestuous nature.  She gave her well-to-do parents no shortage of trouble and wound up marrying a small-time pirate by the name of James Bonny.  Her father disowned her soon after.  While living in the Bahamas with her husband, Anne soon began carousing with the pirates at the local taverns.  It was at that time that she met John “Calico Jack” Rackham.  She proceeded to have an affair with him.

James Bonny was furious about the affair and dragged Anne before the Governor, demanding that she be flogged for adultery.  To save her from this, Calico Jack offered to buy her in a divorce-by-purchase sort of situation, but she refused to be “bought and sold like cattle.”  She managed to escape with Calico Jack and the two lived together as pirates on the sea.

Mary Read is the only other woman besides Anne Bonny recorded in history as being a female pirate.  When she was a child, Mary’s mother disguised her as a boy to keep receiving an inhertance from their family.  This ruse worked until she was in her teens.  She found work as a footboy, and then later found employment on a ship.  I believe it just became a way of life for her to masquerade as a boy… she really didn’t know much else.  She joined the British military, quickly proving her worth in battle.  She soon fell in love with a Flemish soldier.  When they married, she dressed as a woman for the first time in her life.  Upon her husband’s early death, she then resumed dressing as a male and began military service in Holland.  She quickly realized there was no room for advancement, so boarded a ship for the West Indies.

And now, we come to how Anne Bonny and Mary Read met.  Read’s ship was overtaken by pirates and she was forced to join them.  She obtained a pardon from the King and took a commission as a privateer, until that ended with her joining the crew in mutiny.  She joined Calico Jack and Anne in 1720.

Read remained dressed as a man at first.  No one realized she was a woman until Bonny began taking a liking to her, thinking she was a handsome young man.  It forced Mary to reveal to Anne that she was a woman.  Calico Jack had become jealous of Mary and had threatened to cut her throat.  To prevent her death, Jack was also let in on the secret.  Eventually, Read and Bonny would wear male clothing while attacking merchant ships in Jamaica, but wear female clothing at other times.  There are rumors that Anne and Mary were lovers, but nothing is proven one way or the other.

Anne and Mary were captured when Calico Jack’s ship was taken by surprise during a party.  Rackham’s crew and guests fled to the hold for safety, leaving the two women fighting on their own.  It is said that Read was so angry at this cowardice that she fired her gun into the hold, killing one and wounding others.  I can’t say that I blame her at that point, I think it’s pretty cowardly too!

The ship was finally overtaken and when tried for their crimes, Mary and Anne both “pleaded for the bellies,” claiming to be pregnant.  It is said that Mary and her child died in childbirth, but there is no record as to what became of Anne.  Some think her father came forward and paid for her release, some think she escaped and lived somewhere in obscurity in Colonial America until her death at an old age.  One will never know for sure, but it’s kind of fun to wonder…….

I always enjoy researching and writing about strong, independent women throughout history who were ahead of their own time.  They usually encountered quite a bit of resistance in one way or the other, but managed to just keep pushing on.  I admit, Anne and Mary were not exemplary figures… they were criminals…. but I do admire their strength and courage and the fact that they are a rarity.

****Image found via Google Image search

Love of Frida

Back in 2007, I was laid up in bed with complications from a surgery.  A really good friend brought me several movies to watch, to pass the time.  She highly recommended that I watch the movie, “Frida,” starring Salma Hayek first, telling me I would absolutely fall in love with Frida Kahlo.

It turns out that my friend was indeed correct.  I fell in love with Frida Kahlo.  I will be the first to admit that I know absolutely nothing about art….. but I do know what catches my eye, what moves me.  Frida’s art does that and more.

Honestly, it’s not completely all about her art.  It’s her character, her life, who she was that is also very magnetic to me.   I have always been intrigued by and and drawn to women throughout history who were strong, independent and unique.  Frida Kahlo is just such a woman.  She had a very turblent life, both physically and emotionally, and her art represents those times in her life.  Her work is mostly biographical.  When someone had once dubbed her a surrealist, she laughed almost derisively and said, “I never paint dreams or nightmares… I only paint my own reality.”

Frida Kahlo was married to the famed Mexican muralist, Diego Rivera (another artist I admire), and was an active member of the Communist Party.  She led a very full life for someone who died at the young age of 47, and there is speculation to this day as to whether her death was really a result of pulmonary emobolism.  Some had thought that perhaps she had found a way to commit suicide.   Her last words, found written in her diary were, “I hope the end is joyful, and I hope never to return.”

I was privileged enough to be able to view her work up close and personal when it was on display at the Walker Museum of Art in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It was a very emotional experience for me.  It was as if her feelings at the time she painted each piece just reached right out to you.  You could even see marks in the canvas where her emotions got the best of her and she struck the canvas with something or had stabbed at it.  It was very remarkable to be so close to something she had created, something she had touched.  I will never forget it.  Here is a small picspam of some of my favorite paintings done by her.

If you would like to learn more about Frida Kahlo, there is a wonderful fan site dedicated to her here:

****Images have all been found via random Google Image search

I read today that the last home that Marilyn Monroe lived in is up for sale.  Asking price is 3.6 million dollars.  Located in Brentwood, near Beverly Hills, CA, it’s a beautiful Spanish style home.  It has been kept relatively the same since Marilyn died and it would be so amazing to see it just once.

This was the only home that Marilyn ever owned and it was part of a fresh start for her, along with the widely publicized filming of the movie, “Something’s Got To Give,” with Dean Martin.  She passed away before she was able to complete filming on it and it was never finished.

The home itself is as beautiful and full of charm and character as Marilyn was.  I hope it is sold to someone who loves it and cares for it as much as she did.  🙂

***Image of Marilyn Monroe found via Google Image search.  Image of Marilyn’s home found here:

It has taken me a while to get to it, but here it is!!!  The casting of Catherine Parr was definitely not an easy one.  I was finding it very difficult to find anyone of note that I liked for the role who would in any way closely resemble her.

Catherine Parr was Henry VIII’s sixth and final wife.  She had been widowed twice before and she caught Henry’s eye after Catherine Howard’s execution.  She was a very caring step mother, and a wonderful and patient nurse to the King through all of his infirmities.  She was a very strong supporter of the Protestant Reform, which nearly resulted in her losing her head!

Fortunately for Catherine, she outlived Henry and went on to marry Thomas Seymour after his death.  She had a daughter, whom she named Mary, however, it has been very difficult to find record of what became of her after Catherine’s death shortly after childbirth.

Here is an actual pic/painting of Catherine Parr:

Here are the actresses I picked to portray Catherine Parr:

My first choice is Bernadette Peters.  In trying to keep with what Catherine is actually described as looking like, I found she really fit the bill, not to mention she is a fantastic actress!  She has that inner strength about her that would be a great asset if she were to play Catherine and is also wonderful at playing a motherly role as well.

My second choice is a little bit off from what Catherine was said to look like, but as I said, it has been hard to find a woman who has similar looks.  I chose Julianne Moore.  She is a really, really great actress, with a wonderful range and I think she would be an excellent choice.

My last choice is Nicole Kidman.  I think she has a natural beauty and a grace that would really be a compliment to Catherine.  She also has the sort of motherly quality I was looking for.

When King Henry noticed Catherine, she was still married to Lord Latimer.  He anxiously waited for the poor man to die and immediately offered for her hand, foiling her plans and intentions to marry the man she really loved, Thomas Seymour.  But, who could say no to the King if he wanted something?

Catherine’s motto was “To be useful in all I do,” and her badge was a maiden rising from a Tudor rose.   She was Queen Consort for 4 years, and when the King died, she became the Queen Dowager until she died in 1548 shortly after childbirth at 36 years old.

*****All images found via Google Image search

Elvis Fan Jailed For Cruelty To Pigs

The part of life that has always confounded me time and again is how some people can function with absolutely no conscience. I don’t understand it.

On one hand, I am relieved that I don’t get it, because that would be pretty terrifying in and of itself, lol!

So, what do I mean by all of this? I will give you some examples. People with no conscience in my opinion, are ones who can be cruel to animals, children, elderly without even thinking twice about it and having no remorse at all for having done so. I guess hurting anyone in general like that would fit the bill, now that I am thinking about it.

Another example is someone who could cheat, steal, kill, abandon their child… the list goes on, but I think you can get an idea.

One would think, after doing some growing up, and learning some harsh lessons in life that I would not be surprised anymore when I see something on the news where a child is abused, or read about hate crimes. But, it always makes me shake my head in disbelief.

So tell me, what part of life confuses YOU the most? I am interested to know others’ answers to this question. 🙂

Buzz About “The Borgias”

While enjoying the last season of The Tudors, Showtime advertised a new series based upon the very controversial family, The Borgias.

The Borgias were a family who rose to prominence and fame during the Italian Reniassance.  They are infamous for their corrupt ways while Alexander VI (the patriarch of the family) was Pope.  Among other things, the family has been accused of murder, incest, and extortion.

This should be a pretty scintillating series with actor Jeremy Irons playing the lead role of Alexander VI.  Showtime has reportedly ordered 10 episodes of the upcoming one hour drama.  As this is another of Michael Hirst’s creations, I have high hopes for it.  There is a lot of good material to work with, without even having to embellish!

A lot of people don’t realize this, but Francis Ford Coppola actually based the “Godfather” movies on the Borgia family.  If that doesn’t get you a little bit excited to watch this, I don’t know what will!  Alas, the series will not air until early 2011.  Until then, we will just have to console ourselves with our Tudors DVD’s.  🙂

To find out more about this series, go to the official page on the Showtime website:

***Image found here:

As I am sure many of the WordPress users out there already know, there are some tools out there to help combat writer’s block.  A new one that WordPress came up with is called, “Plinky.”  You can find the site here:

Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to check out the site.  I signed up, as it has a handy dandy way of connecting to your WordPress account and publishing your writing on both sites when your post is completed.  I like this….. it gives me a little more flexibility in my writing… it also helps me to come up with topics when I am stumped which most certainly happens to even the most seasoned writers.  I like having a little back up tool to use when I really, really have the urge to write, but nothing comes to me.

If you are looking for new, fun tool to use for your writing, I would definitely recommend checking this one out!

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