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***Warning:  This post contains spoilers.

Wow.  What an episode last night!  Sutter has been powerfully jamming so much content into an hour’s span of time, it’s almost been tough to keep up!  But, it has also kept his fans engaged and perpetually on the edge of their seats.  The most intense feeling I got from this episode from the very beginning is that something is off.  Ever since season three’s finale last year, I have been hesitant to take anything at face value.  I underestimated Jax’s talent for Machiavellian moves.  I am not making the same mistake this season.  In this respect, everything starts to turn into a giant mind fuck.  The only question is, who is going to be dishing it out and who is going to be taking it?

Things with the cartel are getting far too out of hand, we all knew that.  How are the boys going to get themselves out of that mess?  It has been a question which has plagued my mind since the club voted in the drugs.  When the IRA wanted nothing to do with the cartel, maybe that should have been their first clue????

Then we have the issue of Juice, the sheriff and Lincoln Potter.  What the hell is going on with that?  He had no reason to play the rat anymore!  Why is he caving?  In relation to Potter…. I’m dying to see what comes of Bobby.  I feel like there should be some hidden meanings we should be seeing in these turns of events, however, it’s boggling to try to understand the way Kurt Sutter’s mind works at any given point in time.  And I LOVE that!!!!!

The whole issue of Jax’s ex wife Wendy coming back into the picture to be an irritating pain in everyone’s ass is something I really could have done without, but I’m sure that is why Sutter chose to throw her in there.  Wendy had to reappear at some point, as her storyline never really ended.  It’s just logical that she would come back to Charming.

Poor Opie.  He’s officially cracked, and with more than good reason.  The way I can see things is Gemma sort of orchestrated and is still orchestrating events that are occurring and will continue to occur.  Gemma is the matriarch, the Lioness protecting her den, even if what she is doing is a bit twisted at times to those of us on the outside looking in.  For instance, what did she mean by the fact that she was “protecting what it took twenty God damned years to build.”  That could mean quite a few things…. any guesses?

The whole Bobby and Otto thing was just weird.  I can’t help but feeling things are not what they seem and I’m hoping there is a very good reason (other than what might be the obvious) that Otto gave up intel on the Sons.  Did Otto really want revenge on Bobby?  Or is there an underlying scheme here?  What the hell???? In a way, it seemed like justice was served.  An eye for an eye, so to speak.  But is that all there is to the story?  We could look at it in the way that Otto really had nothing left to lose anymore.  He really didn’t.

The “baby factory” element was just stupid.  I’m hoping it has some higher meaning, because it just made no sense why Sutter chose to stick that in the middle of the episode.  The main thing I got from this part was that the IRA is now thinking Jax is a loose cannon which may come back to bite him.

Clay meeting with Tara was really nerve wracking.  I couldn’t tell what he was going to do, if anything, but the set of balls on that man is just uncanny.  He is so full of shit and arrogance.  He’s never honest and has proven time and again that he is only out for his benefit and his alone.  I love the sort of “Godfather” reference when Gemma kisses him and tells him she loves him. It felt like she was issuing Clay a death sentence.  And I think he knew it.

I wanna know what kind of “truth” Gemma could tell Tara or Jax.  The “buckets” of it!  Let’s have it, woman!!!!!  I can’t wait to find out what she’s got up her sleeve!!!!

I’m sad that Jax and Opie had the confrontation they did, but it was one of those things that was going to happen eventually.   I can’t believe Jax stood up for Clay.  Yes, he has a duty, but Clay is not doing anyone in the club any good.  Opie had a perfect right to feel what he did.  It was sad when Opie threw Piney’s cut into the fire.  😦

I love that Opie wanted to kill Clay while he was at the gavel.  Nice touch, Ope.  I was truly disgusted but not surprised that Clay still tried to lie his way out of it and then had the balls to call Donna’s death “ancient history.”  What an ass.  I will admit, I cheered when Opie shot Clay.  I was pissed as hell it stopped right at that moment, but what do we expect, right?  Now we are left with this ugly feeling.  Bobby is thrown in the clink, Juice is hiding out in the cell next door to him, Tara sits at home, still in danger and in a daze from all that has happened, and Opie shoots Clay despite Jax’s efforts to prevent it.  BUT, is Clay dead?????  That is the real question we want answered.  Too bad it’s going to take a whole week to find out!!!!